Rapport till himlen - Episode synopsis

Part 1

The setting is Sweden at an uncertain place in time. Much is inspired by the 1950's, but the technology is advanced. It's Summer. Victor can't go with his friends when they go backpacking by train, but has to stay behind in the city. There he instead spends time with Sonja, who owns an ice-cream place and the eccentric minister Allan. One time when Victor goes for a swim he almost drowns and after the accident he begins seeing strange things. Victor works as a bingo caller and one night he meets Anna, who is the granddaughter of one of the bingo players. A strange police man turns up and beats up Victor. When Victor then wants to report this to the police, it's the same police man, Gary, who handles the report.
One night when Victor sits by himself in the bingo parlour, Anna suddenly appears. A man on a motorcycle comes riding in and turns over something that's called Report to Heaven. He says that since Anna is dead this is something she has to fill in. In the report it says that Anna has to find her murderer to gain entrance to heaven. She can only stay on earth for seven days. Victor tries to explain to Allan that he can see Anna. Sonja prepares for the World Championship of desserts. Victor's mom is doing a mural that constantly changes appearance.

Part 2

Victor goes to the police to help them with the investigation of Anna's murder, but it ends with him becoming a suspect. Victor and Anna decide to look for Lisa, the other girl who was murdered and they find her and many other dead people at the churchyard. They also meet Niklas, who tells them not to fill in the report. They can have a lot more fun if they just stay put. He means that the risks of staying on earth are exaggerated to get people to come to heaven. At the same time, Victor's mom runs in to Gary, the mysterious police man. Niklas teaches Anna how to walk through walls. The dead arrange a party at Victor's and Victor who's been feeling lonely without his friends is suddenly surrounded by people. Niklas encourages him to take is own life and have fun together with the rest of them. Victor goes to Anna's funeral with his dead friends. There he sits in the pew and laughs with them, which makes him even more suspect. The delivery man returns and reminds Anna of the report. Victor and Anna get an invitation to an informational meeting. Niklas and the gang steal Victor's car and drive away with Victor in the backseat. Victor is taken into the police house for questioning. Victor discovers that his mom is seeing Gary. Lisa says to Anna that she's not planning on turning in the report. Victor and Anna go to the meeting where heaven argues its cause. Gary becomes more and more strange. At night when Victor is working in the bingo parlour, Sonja rings and is scared. It turns out that it was just a blown electric fuse. When Anna and Victor walks home from the bingo parlour they see a light coming from inside the ice-cream parlour. Something strange happens with Anna. It's like an electromagnetic force throws her up in the air and nails her to the flagpole of the ice-cream palace.
Victor sees a mysterious man and follows him inside a house. A female voice calls out for him to come in and he follows it into a bathroom. On the floor is yet another murder victim. The killer calls the police. The door to the bathroom slams shut and Victor can't get out. When the murderer leaves the apartment he pulls down the hood and we see that it's Gary. Victor picks up a knife from the floor to try and open the door with it. He succeeds, but when he is on his way out with the knife in his hand, he is confronted by police officers with drawn weapons. He is taken away in a police car and put in a cell.

Part 3

In the morning, Anna finally falls down from Sonja's Ice-Cream Palace. At the police station Victor is being interrogated by Gary with improper methods, but the other police men let him be. They discuss Gary's background and talk about what fine qualifications he has from his education abroad. It turns out that the police chief never checked his papers. Anna finds the rest of the gang and the new girl Clara joins them. Anna finds out that Victor is at the jail and goes there, but can't reach Victor. She can no longer walk through walls. When Victor's mom visits the lock-up he manages with the help of the gang to escape. Victor's mom faints and ends up in the hospital.
When Victor, Anna and Jerry sit and talk in the church Allan comes in and becomes convinced that Victor is possessed. He throws holy water on him. Anna and Victor again meet the motorcycle man and he asks them who's been saying that it's okay to stay on earth. They tell him about Niklas who's said that he's stayed behind for two months. Victor comes to Sonja for help and she hides him in her freeze room.
At a party on the beach, Jerry tells Victor that he plans to go up to heaven, but at the same moment he is taken away by four men in black clothes.
Anna, Lisa and Clara feel that it's starting to get scary and decide to fill in their reports. Then it's revealed that Clara saw the face of the man who murdered her. Gary starts spying on Sonja. Someone steals Anna's report and throws it in a grave where a bunch of other reports are. Anna goes home to Victor to search for the report. Niklas says to Anna that the report to heaven is used to grade you and decide which position you will get in heaven. He encourages Anna to make sure that Victor dies. Sonja visits Victor's mom in the hospital. The motorcycle man confronts Niklas in the churchyard. Suddenly Lisa and Clara are chased by the black clothed men who took Jerry. They flee into the church, but the men get hold of Niklas. When Lisa and Clara are out of sight Niklas turns out to work with the black clad. Anna and Victor realize how much they will miss each other and Anna encourages Victor to come with her.

Part 4
After the black clad men have taken Niklas, the rest of the gang realize that there is a hell and that they have to fill in the report not to go there. Gary comes to the church to interrogate Allan and when Clara sees him she recognizes him as the killer. Victor tells Allan and he agrees to help them. He goes to the police station. At the same time Anna and Victor enter Gary's apartment. They quickly realize that he is the murderer. Allan isn't able to stall Gary and Gary head home to the apartment. Just before he sees Victor, the phone rings. It's Allan. Gary watches Victor leaving the apartment, but does nothing. Clara and Lisa find Anna's report in an open grave. Then Niklas comes forward and wants it. They wonder why the black clad didn't take him. He talks about how he hasn't been dead for two months but always, and that he only does his work like everybody else. The black clad take Lisa, but can't take Clara, since her week on earth's not over.
Victor and Anna arrive at the church and Clara tells them everything. Allan comes and they tell him that they've seen photos of Sonja and suspect that she is going to be the next victim. They phone her, but she can't hear the signal. Victor anonymously phones the police to tell them who the killer is. The police chief dismisses him as a fool, but still gets a little suspicious of Gary. Gary is getting ready. He loads his gun. Victor and Anna take off for Sonja's. The police chief checks out Gary in the computer and discovers that Gary's been committed to an institution. He visits the mental hospital and finds out that Gary's escaped and that he's been convicted for murdering girls twenty years ago and has lived in an institution ever since. The police decide to go on Victor's anonymous tip. During that time Allan has read in his books to find something to fight the evil spirits with. He finds something and rushes out of the church with holy water and a big cross. Gary enters Sonja's apartment. When Victor and Anna arrive at Sonja's apartment Gary is already there and is now threatening Sonja with a knife. Victor finds Gary's gun and points it at him. Victor threatens to shoot Gary if he doesn't let Sonja go. Gary tries to persuade him to do it, but Anna realizes that it would be playing into Gary's hands. Anna is suddenly pushed up against the wall by an invisible force and her head is being pounded against the wall. Then Allan appears with the cross and the force diminishes in strength. Allan tells Victor not to shoot and pulls out the holy water. He throws it at Gary who is wounded in the face and finally backs out through a window. When the police arrive Gary is lying on the ground below. He turns into one of the black clad and walks away, while Gary's body still lies on the ground. Clara sits in the church when the motorcycle man comes. Anna and Victor hurry to get to the church on time. When they arrive at the church, it's empty. Victor realizes that it was him Gary was out to get the whole time. At that moment the motorcycle man returns to collect his goggles. Anna says that she doesn't have a report to fill in, but it turns out Clara has it. Before Anna leaves she asks if she can say goodbye to Victor. They say a tear-filled goodbye and Anna leaves.

Victor's mom is finally finished with her mural. Allan publishes a book, "Magical wonders". Allan and Victor receive a medal, but Victor gives his away. Sonja wins the World Championship of desserts. Victor continues on at the bingo parlour. Victor can no longer see dead people, but he knows that they are there. He thinks a lot about Anna and when they are going to meet again.

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