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They are this Christmas hottest couple

ENCHANTING RELATIONSHIP Tuva Novotny and Johan Widerberg in the roles of Nora and Carlander in SVT's big production "Herr von Hancken".

Sparks fly around Tuva and Johan in SVT's new drama series
This is the passion that steams this Christmas.
   Tuva Novotny, 21, and Johan Widerberg, 26, play the young lovers in SVT's big venture "Herr von Hancken".
   And they do it with such persuasion that there is already talk about a real romance.

   They are both hot young actors.
   And in this evening's premiere episode of "Herr von Hancken" sparks fly around them.
   But the truth behind the rumour that Tuva Novotny and Johan Widerberg are a couple in private, remains a secret.
   – That's not something we want to talk about, says Tuva.
   But Johan's and Tuva's love affair on the screen is in any case indisputable.

Have to hide their love
   In the lavish 19th Century drama, Johan plays the tutor Carlander who's got the unrewarding task of educating the destitute nobleman Mr von Hancken's (Per Oscarsson) backward son. Carlander falls instantly in love with Hancken's daughter Nora (Tuva Novotny) and the couple find themselves in a relationship which constantly hovers between hope and despair.
   Nora's parents try to firmly put a stop to the relationship. They think that Carlander is a bad match because he isn't a man of fortune.
   The couple have to hide their romance and their passionate love moments.
   Johan Widerberg admits that love scenes are hardly his favourite event, in spite of classical performances opposite among others Marika Lagercrantz in the film "Lust och fägring stor".

Plays opposite all big stars
   – That is something that's always associated with a certain anguish for me. But you learn to handle it. Something that, eight years ago felt incredibly embarrassing and tough, feels easier today, he says.
   In the fourth and final episode the romance between Carlander and Nora take an unexpected turn – a guaranteed surprise for the viewers.
   – On a superficial plane, their problem is first and foremost a question of social class, but there is something else that causes them to have problems, something they themselves can't put their finger on, says Johan Widerberg.
   The cast of "Herr von Hancken" is full of stars. Or what do you say about names like Mona Malm, Per Oscarsson, Börje Ahlstedt, Stefan Sauk, Johan Rabaeus and Alexandra Rapaport.
   – It was wonderful to be put in this kind of context. Mona Malm is amazing. And Per Oscarsson is incredible, so intelligent and with a mind of his own, says Tuva Novotny.

By Dan Panas

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