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Johan Pegasus

Photo from Malmö Dramatic Theatre

Johan in 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'

Idol Card from Frida magazine
Frida Idol Card Back of Frida Idol Card

The text on the card:
Name: Johan Widerberg
Age: 20
Known for: Johan became many girls' favourite when he starred in Report to Heaven, since then we've been able to see him in the TV series Radioskugga and in the feature film All things fair. This Winter he plays one of the leads in the film The Christmas Oratorio. Unfortunately Johan is taken, he lives together with P3's Amanda Rydman. Moreover, he's obsessed with sports, especially soccer. Likes to watch TV.

Poster from Okej magazine 1994
Okej Poster

Poster from Frida No. 21 1994
Frida Poster
Frida's Hottie from Frida No. 24 1995
Frida's Hottie

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