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At long last! On Friday 29th August at 9 pm (21:00) Norrmalmstorg, where Johan plays one of the people held hostage, airs on Swedish Television. Read more about the film (in Swedish) and view pictures here.
(An announcement from 1999, mentioning Johan.)

New party at The Stadium
On Monday at 19.00 it's time for a new party at The Stadium when Djurgården welcomes Trelleborg in the second home game of the year. About 3000 tickets have been sold in advance from the Globe's sales places, so for you who still haven't bought a ticket, you'd better hurry up.
Djurgården and Tom Davidsson at TRM Group have invited 300 people who will be seeing the game from the new terrass above the short side bleechers betwwen the Bell- and the Sofia tower. Among those are Djurgården characters such as Pedda & Gurra, the HM boss Stefan Persson, Svante Thuresson, Tommy Engstrand, former player for Djurgården Johan Widerberg and, of course, Coca Carola.

     In the beginning of August, Johan participated in The Little Film Festival in Båstad. The festival was founded by his dad, Bo Widerberg. Since Bo's death, his friend, Stefan Jarl, has taken on the responsibility as festival director. Every year an award is presented in Bo's honour, but this year it was Stefan Jarl himself who received the award, so it was given out by Johan.
     Since the festival is connected to Johan, even though not directly, I've made a page about it. There you can find, among other things, a picture of when Stefan receives the award from Johan.
This page in not yet translated in English.
     Go to the page about Båstad Lilla Filmfestival.

The girls of the pop group Cleopatra were asked to grade Swedish celebrities when they were visiting in 1998. This is what they had to say about Johan:

Johan Widerberg : – He has something special that you can't quite put your finger on. (Aftonbladet 980828)

Johan is playing one of the hostages in Swedish Television's film about Norrmalmstorgsdramat.

You can get information on how to book tickets for "The Picture of Dorian Gray" on the home page for Malmö dramatical theater. (Note: You can no longer book tickets. The play ended at the beginning of March.)

Hallandsposten 16 January 2002

Old classics in young versions

Sofokles, Shakespeare och new young drama. Malmö dramatical theater have presented their theater spring. The autumn's big venture of "The Picture of Dorian Gray", with Johan Widerberg and Rikard Wolff, is being played also this spring through to March.
   Last season a row of shows had to be cancelled on account of illness and to way that up one is now playing some extra shows.

   A month later, in April, a classic takes over at Hipp. Following Oscar Wilde it's William Shakespeare and "Romeo and Juliet". The casting isn't finished yet, but Magnus Bergquist is directing.
   The much-talked about drama writer behind the play "Dom(* Verdict)", about the fire at Backaplan in Gothenburg, is back with a new play. Mattias Andersson's "Före detta(* Former or Ex)" is about a family of has-beens; ex soccer player, Lucia, drama writer, boyfriend. Actors are among others Kåre Sigurdson, Birgitta Sanderberg and Magnus Schmitz and in the middle of February it premieres at Intiman in Malmö.
   After "Före detta" it's time for Sofokles' "Antigone" at Intiman, with premiere in April. Johan Bernander is directing.
(TT Spektra)

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