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Sad news. Johanna Sällström, who played opposite Johan in "The portrait of Dorian Gray", is dead, just 32 years old. Our thoughts are with her friends and family.
Torkel Petersson (Norrmalmstorg) has been selected as this year's Shooting Star. Read the article here (in Swedish). He will be representing Sweden at the Berlin Film Festival.
Apparently Johan attracts talent! Besides Johan himself, others who have been given the distinction are Alexandra Rapaport (Herr von Hancken) and Tuva Novotny (Norrmalmstorg).
In an article in Svenska Dagbladet 17 January (Swedish) we could read about film premieres this spring:

In March we can look forward the return of Kjell Gredes. His first film in 13 years is based Torgny Lindgren's novel "Till sanningens lov" with Tuva Novotny and Shanti Roney in two of the parts.
Tuva Novoty has also recently made a film with Ulf Malmros, "Smala Sussie". Johan worked with Ulf Malmros in Report to Heaven

An article in Aftonbladet 5 April 2002 about Lina Englund, Johan's lead actress in Report to heaven. No mention of Johan. The article is in Swedish, but there is a picture of Lina.
Lina – a film star returning home
I found a quote by Johan Hedenberg where he talks about how he became good friends with Bo Widerberg during his time at the Royal Dramatic Theater.
– Everything was an adventure with Widerberg. I got to be a part of the "pack" and be Widerberg's friend. And it's been a damn comfort when it's been tough.
(Aftonbladet 000223).
An interview with Johanna Sällström who was supporting actress in the first round of The Picture of Dorian Gray you can find here.
A very good article about Tuva Novotny where she among other things tells that she is in love. You can find it here.
In May 2000 Marika Lagercrantz chatted with the readers of Aftonbladet. You can read the transcript here.
Please note that the transcript is in Swedish.
Already the first week, Per Oscarsson nearly backed out of Swedish Television's big holiday venture. "I hated everybody", he tells Sydsvenskan. You can find the article here. This article isn't translated as of yet.
Rikard Wolff talks about is being hard to temporarily live in Malmö for the part in "The Picture of Dorian Gray". Now he's staying a while longer to play a leading part in, which is also being directed by Johanna Garpe. The article is from March 2001 and you can find it in Swedish here.
TV4 Text-TV 2002-01-10

Bonnevie and Novotny in Berlin

Tuva Novotny and Maria Bonnevie will be given extra attention at this year's film festival in Berlin. They have by the Swedish and Norwegian film institutes been chosen to be this year's Swedish and Norwegian "shooting star" respectively, which means that they during a couple of hectic days will meet everything from the international press to international directors.
- Most exiting will be to meet colleagues form other countries and talk with them, says Maria Bonnevie.
(Ed. note. This is by the way the same distinction that Johan received in 1999!)

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