På främmande mark

Foreign Fields

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Plot of the film:

Jakob goes to Bosnia as a volounteer in the UN troops, but becomes very disappointed by the limited opportunities to stop the killing of civilians. One day a superior officer talks him into sneaking off to take three rich foreigners for a tour in the area, but it turns out that what's waiting is not a Sunday picnic. In an orgy of blood thirst the three visitors, without reason, attack a Serbian village and Jacob is forced to take part in the bloody massacre. His naive faith in the good is lost.

Original title: På fremmed mark
International title: Foreign Fields
Director: Aage Reis
Screenplay: Aage Reis and Jens Dahl
Premiere: 24 March 2000
Running time: 1.33
Country: Denmark

Pelle HvenegaardJacob
Nicolaj Coster Waldau
Julia Jaeger
Johan WiderbergKurt Cobain
Nikolaj Lie KaasSteve Nicholson

Festivals (Awards):
Göteborg 00, Balticum 00, Wine Country 00 (Best Intl. First Feature, Screenplay), Moscow 01

Johan in PFM På fremmed mark

Anecdotes and connections

  • The film was shot in Estonia
  • Johan became good friends with an English actor during shooting
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