The women in Gossip

Directing and screenplay: Colin Nutley
Premiere: 25 December 2000
Length: 2.14

The plot of the film

The story of the film takes place during a day in the life of a number of actors. Nine Swedish actresses have all auditioned for the role as Queen Kristina in a new version of the classic Garbo film. The answer to the question of who will get the part is due during the day and while they wait we get to follow their lives with relationships back and forth.

Actor Character
Pernilla August Molly Fischer
Helena Bergström Stella Lindberg
Lena Endre Rebecca Olsson-Frigårdh
Stina Ekblad Eivor Pellas
Ewa Fröling Georgina Seth
Margaretha Krook Ingrid Seth
Marika Lagercrantz Karin Kalters
Suzanne Reuter Alexandra Furustig
Marie Richardson Cecilia Falck
Gunilla Röör Git Jeppson
Harriet Andersson Camilla Steen
Peter Andersson Tomas Berg
Brasse Brännström Rolf Andersson
Peter Haber Gregor Becklén
Rolf Lassgård Magnus Wiktorsson
Mikael Persbrandt Åke Frigårdh
Johan Rabaeus Claes-Mikael Reuter
Lisa Werlinder Andrea Fager
Johan Widerberg Alexander
Rikard Wolff Karl-Johan Steen

Johan has a very small part in the film, but he has a very good scene and if you want you can listen to it here.
To be able to listen to it you need Windows Media Player. If you don't have it you can download it here:

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En artikel inför inspelningen av Gossip med en sammanfattning av de kvinnliga skådespelarnas karriärer

Helena Bergström intervjuas om förberedelser och inspelning av Gossip

En artikel där Marika Lagercrantz bl. a. pratar om rollen i Gossip och hur hon känner inför att spela mot så många bra kvinnliga skådespelare, hittar du här.

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