Norrmalm square


The film is based on true events surrounding the so called Norrmalmstorg drama, one of the most well-known events in modern Swedish history. A number of people try to rob a bank on Norrmalm's square, but fail and instead take a number of employees hostage in the bank vault. Negotiations with the robbers are started and even Olof Palme is called in as negotiator. Clark Olofsson is let into the vault to mediate. Furthermore The Norrmalmstorgsdrama is known for giving rise to the psychological term Stockholm syndrome, because of the fact that the hostage became sympathetic towards the hostage takers.

Film ska visa flera sanningar om gisslandrama (Sydsvenskan 020918)

"Jalla"-stjärna i film om Norrmalmstorgsdramat (Svenska Dagbladet 020405)

Gisslandrama blir TV-film (Hallandsposten 020408)

Shanti Roney ÄR Clark Olofsson (Expressen 020405)

Gisslans protester stoppar inte filmen (Expressen 020405)

Tacksamt att spela brottsling (Aftonbladet 020406)

Artikel om inspelningen av Norrmalmstorg (Aftonbladet 020511)

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