Widerberg was rushed to hospital
By Pelle Tagesson, 9 March 2001

The actor Johan Widerberg was taken acutely ill in the middle of an ongoing performance at Hipp in Malmö last night. The show was immediately interrupted and Johan Widerberg was taken by ambulance to Malmö General Hospital.

Alongside with, among others, Rikard Wolff, Johan Widerberg has been playing The Picture of Dorian Gray at Hipp for some weeks.
The show began at 19:00 last night in front of a crowded auditorium.
After about 40 minutes Johan Widerberg was taken acutely ill.
- He said that he was feeling so poorly that the couldn't continue, tells Pella Ström, Informational Chief at Hipp.
The show was immediately interrupted and the actor Göran Dyrssen went on stage and announced to the audience that they were forced to break off.
- Everyone thought that is was a joke, that it was part of the play, tells Jenny Alv, one of the 500 people in the audience. Only when they'd asked if there was a doctor in the house we realized that something had happened.
- It's incomprehensible, Johan was on stage just a minute before the performance was interrupted.

A doctor was called backstage and performed an initial examination of Johan Widerberg. He judged the condition to be severe enough to call for an ambulance. Once he got to the University Hospital MAS, the doctors could establish that Widerberg had contracted pericarditis. The inflammation is said to be mild. However, for no comlications to set in, comlete rest is necessary.
Along with among others Rikard Wolff Widerberg has been playing The Picture of Dorian Gray for a few weeks. Due to the occured, all shows are cancelled up to and including 18 March.

Malmö Dramatic Theatre announced on Saturday that they were in the progress of examining the possibility of putting in extra shows.

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