Rapport till himlen

Report to heaven

The plot

Victor nearly drowns when he's out swimming and when he's released from the hospital he discovers that he can se people that others can't see. After a while, he realizes that the people he sees are dead, but still on earth. He meets Anna, who's been murdered. She has to turn in a report to heaven and in it state who her murderer is or else she won't be let in. One of the dead on earth tries to convince Anna to stay and she has a hard time deciding what to do, since she's starting to have feelings for Victor. Victor also becomes a suspect in the murder of Anna and several other girls and a mysterious police man seems to be out to get him.

International titel: Report to heaven
Director: Ulf Malmros
Script writer: Ulf Malmros
Shot on location: At Ronnum's manor outside Trollhättan
Premiere: 25 December 1998
Length: 4 episodes á 1 hour

Actor Character
Johan Widerberg Victor Eriksson
Lina Englund Anna Landberg
Stellan Skarsgård Gary
Vanna Rosenberg Sonja Fernandez-Berglund
Marika Lagercrantz Victor's mom
Kjell Bergqvist Allan, the minister
Kalle Westerdahl Niklas Jonson
Simon Norrthon Jerry
Elin Klinga Lisa
Liv Alsterlund Clara
Lars Green the Motorcycle Man
Thomas Hellberg the Police Chief
Gert Fylking Mister Splendid
Yvonne Lombard Mrs Landberg


  • Johan has said that shooting Rapport till himlen was the first time that the joy was predominant and he started to love life on the set.

  • - I liked him hell of lot the very first time I met him, some rock video with Niklas Strömstedt or Anders Glennmark, it was like meeting a hypertalented demonregissör.
    Johan om Ulf Malmros

  • Ulf Malmros has said himself about Rapport till himlen that it's the project that he's the most pleased with. SVT didn't ask for any control over the script, filming or editing. The series were just delivered and aired.

I've written an episode synopsis for Report to heaven and I hope that it will be possible to follow even for people who haven't seen the series.
Just a warning, since it is a synopsis it contains spoilers. If you have any questions, e-mail me.

Episode synopsis

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