10 April 2009
Well, it's been some time since the last update. But on the other hand, there hasn't been that much to report in the last few years. That's why I'm very happy to report that Johan is playing one of the roles in Helena Bergström's new movie "Så olika". I've created a page for the movie here, where you can read some articles on the movie. The articles are only in Swedish as of yet. There will hopefully be more information about the movie when they begin shooting.

I have plans on posting translations to some old articles that I've been working on some time. I'm hoping to have them up in the not so distant future.
Hope you have a great Easter, and if you don't celebrate Easter, have a great weekend!

22 January 2004
Again I have to apologize for the long periods between updates, but now that I've finally got a computer that isn't older than time (!), hopefully the updates won't be as far apart.
This time I've uploaded some pictures and posters, which can be found on the pictures page.
I've also translated two articles from Sydsvenskan in 2001. The articles are about Johan's illness during "The Picture of Dorian Gray and can be found on the articles page. Look for this image: New.
You can find a link to a translated article from Aftonbladet about the making of Herr von Hancken on the articles page as well as the series' page, which in itself has also been translated.
Finally I've uploaded another article from Aftonbladet about Johan working with Colin Nutley. It's not translated yet, but there is a new photo of Johan and you can find the article here.

22 January 2003
I've translated the Under Solen and På Fremmed Mark pages.
This time I have lots of new pictures from Under Solen. Some of them you can find on the page for the film and the rest are on a special page. You can find the link on the page for the film.

23 December 2002
A small Christmas Greeting to all visitors. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

26 November 2002
Finally an update! I have to apologize that it's been so long since the last update. I go to University and am quite busy at the moment. Because of that, the updates are more rare in the fall. I hope that the following can make up for it somewhat.
I've finished an episode guide for Report to heaven. You can find it on the page for the series, which I've also done some work on.
At the Lust och fägring page you can find a new photo, a press photo with Bo and Johan.
Also, I have some good news on the PR side of things. IMDb has added a link to En Sida Av Johan in their Johan Widerberg page, which hopefully leads to more visitors.
Finally, a real treat, a large article from Swedish Railways Magazine, Kupé in 2001. You can find it on the articles page. Hope you enjoy it!

25 August 2002
I've finally uploaded the translation to the article from Fogi. It's an interview about The Picture of Dorian Gray and you can find it on the articles page.
I've updated related news and the news items page is also updated.
Finally I've tried making it a little bit easier for the reader to see which articles are new or which pages have been updated by indicating it with little signs. Just a note. Some of these updates are articles that have yet to be translated. This update has mainly been focused on adding to the Swedish site, but I hope that next update will see some English translations as well.
I also just wanted to mention that En Sida Av Johan has been accepted into a few larger search engines, which is great because it means that more people will find their way here. So I just wanted to welcome all new visitors!

14 July 2002
Johan's biography is finally finished!
I've translated a live interview that Johan did on a Swedish talk show. You can find it on the articles page.
I've also worked on translating some filmpages.
On the Gossip page you can find a sound file of Johan's part in the film. You will need Windows Media Player to listen to it.

30 June 2002
Another article I've translated is a very interesting report in the magazine "Vi" from the set of "Lust och Fägring Stor" with interviews with Bo and Johan.
Also a great, very long interview with Johan in "Ultra Magazine" in connection to the Oscar nomination of "Lust och Fägring Stor".
I'm also continuingly trying to improve the English site with better links, comments and filmography pages.

9 June 2002
I've translated an interview that Johan did with Aftonbladet in connection with the shooting of Herr von Hancken.
Also from Aftonbladet an article about how Johan and, at that time his girlfriend to be, Tuva Novotny, who played Nora, got along very well on set.
An article from Aftonbladet about Johan's collapse on stage in Malmö in March 2001.
An interview with Johan in the January issue of Café 2001 where Johan was chosen as Man of the Month.
All articles can be found on the article page. Look for the English article names.

21 May 2002
The English version of the site premieres.

10 August 2001
The Swedish version of the site, En Sida Av Johan premieres.
For further information on updates of the Swedish site (since the Swedish and English sites progress differently) see this link.

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